He~ my twin star.

Anjana Sundar Anjana

"I have seen beauty, in the things I personify!"

If I could talk to my inner soul, the one thing I would say is to calm down the heart which beats up in thunder. It's like the foggy mornings and chilled nights, the scary stars with the fairy moon, telling a stories of its romances. My heart beats twice or thrice instead one at a time. Is that the sign of any abnormality? Or is that a sign of being ambitious? "Hey, mother soul, please rock and croon the sentimental lullaby to let me calm down to sleep!"It's like dripping the each ounce of blood from my veins, in a loud rush emotional way. There is someone living inside of me. Is that a monster or an angel? The dark of trees overcasted from the thick crusty bumpy jungles taught me to dream, the rocks spilled on the craggy hilly mountains taught me to sustain, the fields waved on the rich arid shallow valley taught me to survive, the pebbles rested on the shallow turquoise ocean taught me to hear the silence and the inner heart that was bouncing to and forth from the ribcage taught me to live. "Why do I have so much to dream?". Is that the curse that my ancestors thrown or the sanctifying grace that rained on me? I do hold a divine relationship with my dreams and my soul. I think there is no difference between the former and the later. A perfect dream is a blessing for a calm soul.

'He' is like a thin of spicy mustard, but a little bit harder, he sounds like the ocean, sometimes whisper the secrets that even my ear can't hear and complains me that am a bad listener, he is like the color that we have all seen,but never known by its real, just like the malachite - he is my luck charm that I wore under my thin fleshy skin that indicates the stone of balance, abundance and manifestation with lots of intention. He eludes all my sins that I had gained so far, he clears and activates my heart to beat it again, with the same potential sometimes a bit more. He is my active pacemaker, who amplifies all my veins, to stimulate the nerves and ends up in conversation with his twin - "Do that again!". He is the gemstone that I inherited from my ancestors, reunited and moulded in to passionate form."He personify me, the way I personify him". He is my pride, sometimes false, sometimes with a little arrogantly, he is my hope, my compassion, who is the only reason for my existence. He is taking me to the long journey for the moral significance. Sometimes, he is the blinking star, with fresh flawless skin without any face creams or wrinkle creams, sometimes he is the scarry stars, giving the half of the torn and spilled images, putting me a task to complete it, to make it either a philosophical argument or a passionate journey. He brought me to a place, in between the two eternities, where I could accompany myself with beautiful stars and the harmful wars.

"Dream"- when I say his name out loud to this universe, he gave that quick mellow blush, he sprinkled his star dust over the entire black drape just to reflect my vision. I am his creator and he is my destiny, intertwined together. He is my burnt skin and crushed bones, who never left me alone when I stood flawed. He became my pillow when it rained hard all nights. 'Looking deep into him', I could lose myself into hopes. He is my forever follower, the mental image of fear and anxiety frightened by the nightmares. "Hey my dream twin, thanks for letting me gleam, when no one else let me. He lit me with the freedom to begin with. The color he revealed is so rare and beautiful, it made me certainly to fall in love with myself.

He took me to the lighthouse, sometimes in the dark caves, but never put me down. He let me walk on beauty and blinked brightly, always close enough as my own 'twin star'.

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