Haunted Whispers

Shefali Verma

Chapter 1: The Dark Night

It was a usual morning, but something unusual about it. Her body refused to move, eyes pierced with pain, and her head sinking in a deep dark void. She lied there, reluctant to move, pounding on her breaths. She was all alone but didn't felt so. Fearing to open her eyes, building apprehensions in her head, there couldn't be anything worse than this. This morning was haunted, after a hopelessly long night. A dreadful night, which she spent in darkness, complete darkness. She was in a battle with her mind. With her thoughts. With her anxieties. Her mind was the ghost, which haunted her. Tears from past, and Fears from the future, she was rambling between both of them. She finally walked out of the room, to see her sister's photograph staring at her from the wall. She has filled with tears all again. The memories of her sister and grief of her suicide possessed her completely. It had been 5 months now that her beloved sister left this earthly abode.

Chapter 2: The whispers

The reason for her suicide still pesters her. It still churns out every pain in her heart and bones. Since then, every night, she would communicate with her sister. Her sister, Shrine, would come to her in her dreams every night, to speak to her. They would have conservation just like they used to. But for some time, Shrine was saying only one thing every time. Every night, She would come to Speak to her sister, Shinley. She would say the same thing, " You are not alone, I've left someone for you. " Hearing this phrase every night was bothering her now. She was disturbed, unable to understand what Shrine might want to convey. This constant phrase was haunting her now. Every night. Every Day. "You're not alone, I've left someone for you.", "I know you can do it." These whispers were hovering her every second. "I know you can do it" She heard again. "I can do what! What am I supposed to do?" She cried.
Running from her own conscious, running from these
haunting whispers, She was exhausted and devastated.
There was now nothing she could think to do. She was bewildered. There was no one she could talk to. No one to go to.
Just a constant message, "I've left someone for you". Who was that? Who has Shrine left for Shinley? Does
Does she know him? How was She supposed to figure out all this? So many questions. So many Puzzles.
Three days passed in the same manner. Those whispers wouldn't stop haunting her.

Chapter 3: The letter

She tried to sleep.
She forced herself to close her eyes, just when the doorbell rang. She went to open the door. There was a middle-aged woman. "Hello Ms. Shinley, I'm Priya from the Rosary
Orphanage", Said the woman on the door.
"Uhh... Hello, May I know how you did you come to know my name?" Shinley replied.
"Your sister told me."
"What!! My sister? My sister Shrine? What did She tell you?"
"She has left someone for you"
Shinley was perplexed and extremely surprised at this. She couldn't believe this. She couldn't believe those whispers. She couldn't believe it coming true.
"What! Who?" Shinley exclaimed.
"Calm down! Come. We need to talk. I'll explain everything."
Shinley was breathing heavily. She never imagined all this happening to her. She never thought she would have to face all this someday. Shinley invited Priya inside her house.
Priya started explaining everything."I know your sister committed suicide" Shinley busted into tears at this statement. Priya consoled her and continued. "Shrine and my younger sister were best friends. They worked at the same office. She was living in an abusive marriage. She was having a very difficult time"
"I know she was not happy with her marriage, but... I never knew she was having such a hard time!", Shinley said.
"She was. She was having a hard time. A very hard time indeed."
"Tell me, please, what do you know? What has she left for me? Tell me everything, please. I've been very disturbed lately... I'm haunted by those strange whispers... every night... every day... 'I've left someone for
you.', 'you're not alone.', 'I know you can do it.' What do they mean? What is she telling me? Why she didn't say anything when she was with me? Why ?" Cried Shinley.
"Perhaps because she was enduring a storm, which drowned her, physically and mentally. She had lost her senses. And now, I need to tell you something very important. Listen. Stay calm. Understand that she trusts you very much and perhaps this is the reason, you hear those whispers. She still communicates to you." Priya said taking deep breaths. "Please tell me. Now. I can't wait anymore. Your words are scaring me. Tell me, please. What is it?"
Shinley was losing her control.
"Shrine left her daughter for you."
"What? Daughter? Sh... Sh... Shrine's... Shrine's Daughter? Are you serious? She told me that she had to abort her baby!!"
"I know it's hard for you. But this is the truth. She didn't abort her. She left it with us to take care of her. And she asked us to give it to you and have also left a letter for you."
"Letter? What Letter? Where is it?"
"Here, I have it with me. Take it. See what she wanted to say."
Dear Shinley,
My very dear and beloved sister, I love you so much and I know you love me too. You have always been my greatest support. You've always loved me and cared for me like no one else. Since our parents have left, You have helped me make all the huddles a
little easier. You know I didn't land up in a successful marriage. But you know very little about it. I didn't want to overstress you with all those problems. You were too young to handle all that. But now, my body has grown too tired to handle all this. My mind cannot work anymore. My husband has grown mad. I don't know what he is up to. I love him much. But I
can't take his madness anymore. He wants to kill our child and you know, that was the reason I wanted to abort my Baby. But I'm struck. How can I kill my baby?
My very own child? How can I be such a cruel mother?
Why should I stop my Child having a beautiful life because of my husband's madness? I want him to live.
To live a beautiful life. And I know, You. Only You can give my baby a beautiful life. Only you can do that. Only you. I'm leaving. I'm leaving all the pain. But I'm not leaving you alone. I can't live with my husband and I can't live without him either. I have to stop living, therefore. But I want my child to live. To live with you.
To love You. Now you have to take care of her. Love her just like you loved me. I know you can do it. I know you will do it. I am leaving her with Priya, and she will give her to you when the right time comes. Take care of yourself and take care of my little angel. I want You both to support each other like we supported each other. I Love You.
Your Loving sister,
Shinley was drowning in tears now. "I can't believe this.", she murmured.
"I know it's hard" Priya replied.
"Where is she? Where is her daughter?"
"She is with us." "and now, You have to take care of her." Said Priya.
"I will." "I want to see her," Shinley exclaimed crying.
"You will soon."
Shinley couldn't stop crying. "why did you leave me?
why did you leave us?"
She now knew what those haunting whispers were.
What her sister wanted to say. She was not alone.
Shinley took custody of the daughter and loved her as a mother. She felt the presence of her sister every moment. Those whispers didn't haunt her anymore.


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