Devi S. Devi

We are here.
Smitha heard the dulcet voice coming from beyond the warm weather and the blinding pain in her heart.
Open your eyes, we are here, you don't want to miss this.'The voice getting louder as she knew her new friend is excited about the new college they have just joined.
Smitha eyes flicker softly. She saw no light. She misses her parents and heavenly School that had been her biggest and best part of the life. The teachers at school were so lovely that tears would get fall off her feet, remembering memories of those beautiful days. She literally hated college.
You are going to be popular in college.' Dhanya had said.
Smitha is a girl who could make boys turn on easily towards her like a magnet and too even sexually. Her fair skin, her hair moving to the breezy air, magenta matte colored lips and likely busted chest could turn on boys too fast. She is so spiritually active with God.
You know what, I don't want any boys to come around me asking for dates and stuffs as You know… boys don't come after me for my lashed eyes and rosy lips or even my pure heart 'lol', oh I'm too loud. I don't want any compliments for my butt and boobs!. Please take good care of me Lord Ganesha.
This is one of the most visited temple. The Sree Maha Ganapathy temple is located in Thamarakulam, also known as the heart of Kollam. The main deity is Lord Vigneshwara, She knows Ganesha won't let her down whenever she needed help or peace. There will be a chitty-chatty conversation between both “Smitha”and Lord Ganapathy" Smitha visited before she left for college.
What are you doing girl? Lets take a snap ‘come on why are you so pissed off?
Smitha stopped and took a snap at lobby.
OOO damn girl! YOU ARE TOO HOT!!!!!!! I don't think I should upload it. You know this going to be viral and get boys going crazy over you. Smitha stared at her and rolled her eyes.
‘GANESHA! ALREADY! I'm really getting fucking pissed off at you!’
Is that your boyfriend? she interrogated.Now please stop.' Dhanya stopped her from friendly shitty chats.
“Welcome fresher's" Time passed, they didnt realize 2:30 hours of Genetics and Plant Breeding class could end too fast.Thank you students, Hope you enjoyed your first day class. said Professor.
Smitha opened her facebook page and uploaded the image with caption #new college #new friend #first day. It got like 309 likes and 36 comments and as usual she got many fake id requests that asked her photos, abused for her boobs even though she had her shawl on. Smitha and Dhanya return to hostel.
‘Dhanya, I just want to share my most horrible nightmare that really happened to me' said Smitha.
Just a nightmare! Delete it in your memories chubby.'(Smitha got a nickname).
‘HAHA! nice joke kiddo. Listen, I don't know why I am sharing this. I fell in love with someone.
Ohhh! no not a love story, please don't urge me to have a boy friend chubbs.
No just listen these are haunting me for days. I fell in love with someone but he just wants my figure, when he feels hot, seduced. He needs me all the time. Im there for him and had that shit via Duo. I loved him with all my heart. I thought he won't leave me at any cost and would live happily forever like Cinderella. When I need him, even just for help he doesn't care for me. I am lost! Even during my period pain and cramps and hell! I was literally punching the bed so hard that I couldn't control my pain. I was desperately needed him by my side or just speaking to him was fine. But that moron was in heat and called me to foreplay via Duo. I told him how I felt. He just said,
‘Smitha! You're my better half you always regret and refuse all the time while I was in heat you don't mingle with all your heart.
‘I couldn't control my anger and yelled at him.' 'You freaking moron. Youre literally comparing a period pain with your stupid erection. You don't have any respect for me, you don't have any respect for my period pains and you don't even consider me neither a girl nor a human being.IAM NOT YOUR SEX DOLL'“I'm not a prostitute whenever you needed me or throw me whenever you dont want.
‘You are just exaggerating, get out of my life' Nikhal Hung up the call.
Smitha shouted and criedI'm not a fucking white slave or prostitute or a sex doll.' After some time, Nikal call interrupted her sadness.
She attends the call.
Baby I'm so sorry, I am going to a trip with my buddies and I will return as a new man okay? Is that fine for you? Nikhil asked.
Happy journey! exclaimed Smitha.Babe you forgot I don't have pocket money and I think you could Google pay me.
‘I blocked him in every social media. 'What the fucking moron? just ask for sex and money at the same time, while Im moaning with my period pains. Smitha cried.
Listen, Smitha' said Dhanya and sighed at her.
Smitha lifted her head with tears rolling up her chest and hugged.
Ahh...Ahhh....mmmmm mmmmm…..’
‘Shush shush kiddo! Youre making me cry' told Dhanya.
‘I want to cry, Dhanya. I broke up with him. No calls, no text nothing! It isnt the first time getting harassed. Some touch my ass and some ran fast towards me just to take a closer look at my boobs. You know what, some girls look sexy by body but not by heart even though I don't wear tight outfits or sexy clothing. I wear shawl always. Whenever I get harassed or abused I feel like my soul is getting out in public. I felt men could even rape us just by seeing through their eyes. Their moaning sounds behind me and their breath..ugh!!! Smitha sniffs and laid down on Dhanyas lap and got some tissues to wipe off her tears.
‘I also thought of getting rid of my uterus and breast if time hits with money, by an operation.
What the fuck! Smitha stop! Those are massive words, it's like huge!! How could your parents tolerate if they came to know that you spoke those words Dhanya interrupted.
Smitha continued 'Sometimes the tease me with bad cursing words. Why me? NOO! Why girls? What have I done to them?
Cursing girls with their bodies known as son of the bitches.
You know, At times I was nearly touched by someone and kissed without me knowing that I am going to be abused. Just the second it was! I was banging his shoulder to leave me. He literally said WHAT ARE YOU, you're behaving like I'm harasing you?
I was with him in his car. He got a call from his dad and he left dropping me at the end of the street I couldn't know who should I believe? I am too silent for the days and I barely opened my mouth to speak.
With reddened eyes, end of energy,tears couldn't come out of her eyes, Smitha told, she was sorry and thought of wasting her time and couldn't control anymore angry, depression and frustration. Dhanya hugged and kissed her forehead moved the side bangs with the wetted tears on to her ear back and gave her some water.
Harassment is better compared to our hostels water' said Smitha.
Both giggled and they have started to open up everything they had been locked up in their hearts. It was 1 'o' clock in the morning!
We should get to sleep,“I think I am gonna hit the sack”Smitha told.
‘I had already started to snore with my eyes opened' said Dhanya.
HAHA, Goodnight sweetie! Goodnight chubby! Both said it together.
They just told good night but couldn't sleep. Smitha felt like life would end with full of harassments.
It hurts when you have to go through something that kills you inside but you have to act like it doesnt affect you at all.
Dhanya wanted to help her but do not have any ideas.
Only women can understand another women pain
Smitha started.‘I was about to commit suicide
Dhanya started…Smitha, my sweetchubbsyou didn't realize how the world works! You are too selfish and you care about yourself. If you want to kill yourself, you should have done it by now.
Now, you are mad at me! right? I shouldn't have told you bitch' said Smitha
You know what you are weak you cannot kill yourself, you cannot make a choice too!
You are too weak to kill yourself, for all abusing problems you're starting it all! You shouldn't have uploaded your pictures in social media. And you shouldn't have got inside the car, just because you know someone. You're giving it a chance yaar! Youre indirectly or unknowingly testing them.
Sometimes giving someone a chance is like giving them an extra Bullet for the gun because they missed you at the first time.
You said it isn't the first time harassing. See! I'm from an underrated family. Even I get a lot of harassement but I don't have time to deal with those. Youre from a well-settled background! So you are bearing in mind as it's your end of the life. You should compare it to those micro particles and blow them off from your heart and brain. Every girl is abused. It's not your figure. You're blaming yourself for it! Its not an eight month old baby girl got raped because of her boobs and butts. It is an evil man's vision. Some are bad and some are good and genuine too NOT ALL MEN ARE BAD. A man blames women for not wearing appropriate cloth. They too wear shorts, tights but we dont harass them for their beautiful thighs and legs. “BUT THEY DO”
Every girls wear shorts and bikinis in other countries but rape cases are at lower rate. This is because of these evil men and those visions. And after all this is so not you! You should get a chance to change yourself. Women should do! After they attain adolescence many would lose their childishness, bravery, fighting against freaking and bizarre incidents. Many forget their parents. They are the only true soul that cares for you. Change is good chubby! Everyday women could lose her identity because of some worst reasons. It is not her fault. It is the environment, the surroundings, the people and every other individual fault. It also includes some girls who don't care for other women and cursing the economic growth of a girl.
People can be jealous at sometimes. That's human nature but not wanting them to achieve a goal in this society makes them worse.
These words sow good thoughtful seeds in Smitha's heart.
In the morning, she felt her again in those mirrors. Smitha hugged Dhanya. She cried with tears of joy. She removed her pictures in social media, even updated privacy controls. Never trusted men easily! But also went to salon for some change, reduced her hair length layered. A branded new Chubbs came out as a strong and bold girl, just like Dhanya.
We are here' to our classroom blah, blah, blah.
These are the first words you said in campus to me, shall we bunk and go to beach? holding her hand as they too walked along the blossoms shedding from the gulmohar and silver trumpet tree at their campus.
What the hell do you really think Iam Smitha?'
‘I am sorry I didn't know you are a topper fellow. We should go to class! come on! said Smitha.
Now you are sorry for what idiot? I didn't take that much money for a beach trip!
Both laughed and enjoyed their first trip together.
Once your best friend life is sad and boring but then you walked in, WAAAH!!. what a life
Adolescence's life, a part of life, just a page in girls life,' said Dhanya.
Both running as the waves hit. With their privacy controlled settings in Instagram they posted..
Let the Waves hit your feet and the sun be your seat” #bff for lifetime #Soulmate #LOVE#LIVE#LIVING!

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