Happiness comes to me
like brief interludes of sunshine
after days of drab weather and rain. 
Happiness comes to me like a pretty, peaceful, solitary station 
passed by a train.
Happiness to me is like 
a gust of fresh wind, 
bringing me tales of a faraway land. 
Happiness to me is 
wrapping a gift for my dear ones
with my own hand. 
Happiness throbs in my heart when a heart pops on my mobile screen, 
when I think of my beloved. 
Happiness to me is a symphony of
melody, flowers, discovering everyday something new, 
finding colours in every bit of grey
seeing every old with a new joy, 
just as a child embraces a new toy. 
Yes, it's happiness for me to be like
the horizon mixing with the blue, limitless sky. 
Indeed, it's happiness to me to embrace
everything in life before saying goodbye. 

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  • Well written. Really the simplicity of this writing attracted me the most.

    Sayeri Das

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