Jyoti Mishra

Gone are the days,
When men used to be black and white.
Just the two of them.
Only two shades,
Only two colors.
Who were easy to love,
And easy to hate.
Easy to judge,
Easy to differentiate.

Times passed,
And people changed.
The two shades lost their charm,
And slowly and steadily,
A new color was born.
With a pinch of black,
And a pinch of white,
'Grey' is the new highlight.

Do you realize?
This color is very strange.
Travelling all over the world,
The shades have a very wide range.
The binary ones,
the two of them , are difficult.
It's difficult to pick only one side,
There are rules you must abide,
It's difficult to say , only 'Yes'
It's difficult to say , only 'No'
Let's choose the easy way.
And let them all turn into grey.
For you know,
Grey is very comfortable.
Grey is easy to handle.
Grey is all friendly,
Grey is all worthy.

Why not mix a little bit of black?
To the white that you have inside.
Let the grey unleash you.
Let the grey unfold you.
Let the grey, show the real you.
Let the grey, hide the real you.

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