Green eyes, red smile

Shweta Desai

You were a wave, and I was a jellyfish,
hidden in your folds, poised and venomous.
Then I learnt, I was no fish in cold waters,
I was the water itself, sneaky and treacherous.

Our collision was one in a million,
one smirk from your lips,
a snide smile on mine,
and damn, the venom we carried
multiplied by a billion.

The best way to burn the stench of blood
is to raze it with absinthe,
together we made a scarlet sin.

Sounds destructive?
Frankly a menace,
the scent of your skin has bled on my lips,
your fingertips burnt scars on my hips.

I know what I want,
and it's not what I need,
but when you're around,
all of my heat is freed.

Politeness is okay,
but brutality? It's euphoric.
Drink me in like a spirit
and I'll show you my poison,
you take me for a spin
when I can't find your fangs.

You ain't here for a long time,
so it's just a good time;
all the shit you'll carry is not mine.
We'll light fires every time we speak,
you'll stomp on my ego,
I'll stab you in the dark.

Sounds addictive?
Hell yes it is,
we know it's bad,
that makes it good.
We know we're sad,
so that makes it better.

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