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Golden Petals

By Nidhi Yadav

I was sitting but the car was moving

I saw dogs; vaguely sitting besides,

with their heads down and shady eyes,

seeing the racing cars.

Looking as if they knows the finale.


The world has changed a lot;

more than my dreams and reality;

in endless buildings and high fountains.

Believes that flyovers can take them anywhere,

but still finds themselves stuck in traffic.


The nature is so silent here

suppressed by the honks of the hounds.

Mortals ruling sky, water, air, space

but not their own hearts.

Everywhere the world is so glittering

not with the pearls of heaven ,

but with  the bubbles of gold and diamonds.


I feel like a living dead;

walking in the sand of time ,

clutched in roots of responsibilities ,

with no wings of freedom.

Life is a game of thrones

either make us or break us .

People lust for

Reputation, their reflection

Instead of

Character, their shadow


I feel pity

I talked to the posters,

Perhaps they can answer me .

Helpless isn’t it?

Should have resigned like the dogs?

Our stage is not golden

but a golden petal.


  • Just wow 💖

  • thoughts of a beautiful soul expressed in her beautiful words

    arpita mallik
  • Simple yet complicated……true yet hidden…really amazing poem

  • You made known reality of life very clear….#sometimes this is all we need!!

    Shalu Choudhary
  • Beautiful magic of the words.

  • Amazing lines…very deep thoughts about life….. awe-inspiring

    Shalini Bisht

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