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God's lonely Child

By Khewa Malhotra


God's lonely child

That kid alone wanders on the street
Bare and bruised, his small feet,
Begging for food and crying for help
Roaming and fearing he suddenly yelps,
Looking at people with hopes in his eyes
Hoping to get those last crumbs of pies,
With hands put forward we see them weep
That's usually the age when with our parents we sleep,
Cause the kid doesn't know where he'll go next
Hungry from days, the dustbin he checks,
Craves love so much, cause he doesn't know where his parents are
Looking at happiness, he feels a new scar,
Someone bought him a cupcake from a nearby store
And saw the pain behid the smile he wore,
So he bought him some clothes and told him a tale
Never again did he let him wail,
And that night he prayed for every kid to have a home
And never to helplessly anywhere roam,
I was a kid who wandered in the street
Until one day, when a lovely person God made me meet.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Street Kids'

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  • Simple and easy catchy

    Radhika Ranganathan

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