Inilash Remot

Late at night my eyes were heavy,
While I was still inclined to drink;
I think, before me, a meal lay ready
In the matter of a blink,

Yellow lights bounced off my hands
Stung my eyes as I tried to see,
Rubbing, wincing at a clock of sand
Red walls whisper, " Eat and be free."

I reached for forks and spoons the same
Not knowing which is which,
Too hungry to ask too absent to name
No compliments to whoever's dish

Tearing flesh bright amber burnt
A miracle delicacy I've never had,
Sour iron in sweet upturns
Of flavour that drives one mad.

Late at night my jaw was sore
While I was still inclined to drink,
A pig, I, howled "more! Bring MORE!"
To some little man under the sink.

The sour iron eclipsed my tongue
My throat was just as swollen
My bloating stomach had poking thumbs
From the insides of my abdomen!

I howled through mouthfuls agonized
Never ceasing from the feast,
I filled my hands and crammed inside
Wriggling buttered breathing beasts.

Late at night my ears went numb
Warm with liquid oozing then
In my company was only one,
The little man, his empty kitchen

A wave of ecstasy clouded sense
As my belly stretched till it could no more
My head was light from the shocking mess
Of my guts spilled on the floor

Wriggling through the mess alive
Little creatures quite humanoid
Good enough to be childrens' eyes,
Little man said "You're paranoid"

Bent double over, throwing it all out,
Too late, too slippery, I reach for the door
Hysterical laughter, deafening, loud
Little man says, " More! Have MORE!"

The late of night grew menacingly still,
His body stiff but his maniacal gaze
Followed me, his narrow face tilt,
Smiling unnaturally wide in daze...

Sobbing through my eyes I trip
My organs slip through my arms,
I lie folded in blood, guts and spit
Little man bludgeons me with alarms.

" More! MORE!" came his squeaky laughter
THUD! THUD! smashed, I lost the light,
Bells rang sullenly against mushy brain splatter
Another blow, I finally woke up tonight.

" Nightmare?" I shivered and begin to think
"It must be... a sign for my health I'm sure"
As I gulped and gulped water from the kitchen sink,
I hear someone say from under, " MORE"

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