By Moktan Yukta


Echoes of shankh and ghanti are humming in the ears
Aroma of incentive sticks treats your nose
Melody of mantras takes you to a religious trance
While crowds are dancing with their broken lyrics on those same old bollywood hits
Ready with new clothes and matched jewellery hustle and hum-drum takes over the house
Dad is deciding the new paint and lightings
While mom is still busy with her same old aarti ki thali
Kids are anxious to steal that boondi ka ladoo before puja and start bursting their crackers
While that one grumpy aunt still sits at one corner looking points of bitterness
But now all gathers up with their hands joined
To feel the peace and joy of the pavitra aarti
Then at the dinning table where maa finally serves her tasty kheer and gajar ka halwa
And tries to feed you through the camera
A drop of tear rolls down on both side of the call
But acting strong and happy both hide it with a smile
This marks the end of diwali puja and the call
But the beginning of the misses of that one imperfect bundle of chaos and love known as GHAR
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indianess'


  • beautiful words that hit close to the heart…

    Muskaan Gurung
  • Such a great work! Please keep it up 🤗

    Ashi bansal
  • Incredible piece of words❤

    Niharika Srivastava

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