Garden of dreams

Komal Gandhi

As my body lay in a heap,
I gently slipped into my sleep.
Sun gleam and glow,
Time running outlandishly slow,
Strangely stained skies,
Candour and no more lies,
Greenest imaginable grass,
Gazing through the looking glass,
Crystal clear creek,
Fragrance making knees weak,
Breeze cuddling my curves,
Beyond what a soul deserves,
Flitting flutter-by,
Contentment making me wanna cry,
Thickly tinted twilight,
Imagination taking flight,
Deep dark and navy night,
Feisty fireflies blazing bright,
And as the cricket sang,
Perfectly balanced my yin yang.
As I lay stargazing,
Never had I known land so amazing.
As the sun rose at the stretch,
I felt a slight burn on my flesh.
And there goes the alarm shrill and loud,
That's all the time my dreams allowed.
Just a few moments in the time,
But definitely were the best of mine.

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