Games of Little Mine

Yazhini Gunasekaran

The games of little mine taught me,
the complex clarity of I unarmed, harmed
the teeny limbs of my Dreams while
its toddler-hood lessened such lessons
to Learn, a phase hitting pause in growth
shook all the weary worry far apart,
dear Dreams cried me goodbye, I forgot!
I fought back muzzily perhaps Untoward.
Sank into, within no boundary, my bare hands
my Vain veins, yet carried blood. Do my
purpose prosper when I am better hidden?

The kitty that prettily praised of world’s
misery, complained bits of gloom to Terror,
unwelcome ways to being happy, daring not
to merit self. Poured into my merry mind,
a distress that’s not mine, while it cannot
serve to be anyone’s, oh helpless misery!
Gave her my warm attention so deep,
saw her gentle color bright out, heard her full
and big, she spoke stories, steady, she thought,
speedy, I thought when I was left with just
me when I shared a thought.

Happy I had me, until I can’t be trusted too,
until my Dreams turned a nightmare, until I
felt every toxic of mine, too young and daring.
Started pleasantly with another kitty of opinion,
candy chip words found my sweet teeth.
Or did my sense of hearing wasn’t sound, Or
caliber to function my vocal organs hit zero?
While pulling together with the wave of life
that I was hit to drown in not a while, but
after the prolonging grit of grip, gave up, I.
Visibly hidden, I went hidden Invisible.

Realizing my expression unexpressed, to very
far I trusted me to not fall for anymore sweets.
The beauty of beginnings is that it is unknown
No more sweets but my instincts. Found me
before a mirror of my life, reflections harder
to give any chance of letting it go. I saw me so
saintly like the kitties I met, my mind blew,
cheek glow and wide-open eyes, I met me.
I walked the path of exploration, while I heard
of it all, I desired to feel of it, now. I offered
no time to give it a thought. Quite marched.

I headed far without being held until I was found
by a real gentle red kitty, that showed me, my me.
The study of my me finally said I’m not hidden
and poorly bore the responsibility of every me.
I need me though I fought me, I need me though I
hurt me, I need me though I didn’t need me…
That’s when I forgave me to fuller fetch of me,
I returned back with my past, though not very fast,
the games of little mine taught me a bold beat
Found my expression expressively magnificent
I won my dream, My Dream was ME!

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