Futile Acumens

Ahab Ather 

The love I had in my heart, kept safely untouched, unfettered so that I could give it all to the right one all at once. So that it doesn't get divided before reaching the end of the line. 

The one who's gonna stay there forever. Who's not only gonna keep that love safe but also multiply it. 

The one I thought would be the forever of me. 

The one I didn't know but wanted to meet her, 

The one I missed even before knowing her.  

And when I finally met her, I invested everything I had inside of me in her.

 I not only gave all my love to her but all the feelings that could arise in me was hers now. 

I was a part of Her now.  

I thought this as the best investment I ever did. 

The returns of which would be in the units of happiness which the world die for. 

But now I started to feel a little empty, 

as if I've given everything in consideration of nothing. 

I emptied myself to fulfill her heart. 

So that she doesn't feel that she deserves a new start. 

But I Made A mistake.

I still think that it will all come around, 

But rivers once drained into the sea don't rebound.

Blinded by the sparkling beauty of all this

 I totally forgot that we're humans, 

what are we but the futile acumens.

I tell myself, not all the decisions we make are truth sake.

We're humans, we make mistakes.

It's just that some mistakes are so beautiful that they don't seem to be a mistake to us, 

But that doesn't mean they're not mistakes, 

I mistook it as a dream, but all it was, was a beautiful nightmare. 

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