From CHIT, to CHAT

By Aditya Jaiswal

Science changed everything,
And most of it, 90's kids have seen
TV became thinner
And people got fatter,
From a no-phone generation
To the 4th generation of smartphones!

But Love was affected the most,
Love used to be innocent, Now
It hides as bestfriend's name
In contact list.
Love made dreams sweet, Now
Love doesn't sleep till 3 a.m.
Love used to share, Now
It can't​ leave the phone
Love used to be real, Now
It is just an emoticon in chat!

I loved the feeling of being in love!
My mom never saw me so excited
To go to school!
Seeing her face
In morning gathering
Would brighten my day!
All the lessons passed,
And the only thing I learnt was
How to pass her the chit,
Without catching teacher's eye!
Learning was never so lovely,
And dangerous! I learnt,
How to steal glances from her,
And just smile when she caught me!
Love, used to be cute!

Love wrote letters and waited
With eternal excitement for reply!
Now it gets irritated
If reply is 2 mins late!
Daddy checking my phone,
Reminds me of teacher
Catching my chit!
Love understood my feelings
From my handwriting,
Now even emojis can't express
How I feel!
Love used to be love,
Now it is just a pic,
That never comes
On the dialling screen!

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