Fragments of Falling

By Anushka Sharma

When you first smiled at me, my senses fumbled.
My heart fell out of hands and it fell for you-
So hard, it crumbled the ground beneath my feet.
I wondered how hard could it be to stop? 
To stop staring incessantly,
To stop talking,
To stop laughing,
To stop smiling,
To stop breathing?
If I could put my limits to test, I'd fail; Limits of being attached in a weird way,
with a high degree of all sorts of emotions creating nuisance in my brain. 
How hard is it to stop yourself from diving into a bottomless abyss,
When even a warning board is lit up? Still, I jumped.
Still, I didn't stop.
How hard could it have been for me,
If I had kept my feelings within, imprisoned?
I could easily have not looked at how your eyes glint when you talk about Oreos,
How you lose track of the world while reading books and sipping coffee,
How your lips form the most infectious smile,
How your lilting voice hypnotises me,
And how everything about you is a fairytale I read every day.
Seriously, how hard could it be to stop loving you? 


  • The essence of first love can’t be more pure then this… i loved how you have put together those lil nuances into beautiful rhythm…:)

  • This is an absolute masterpeice. You exquisitely binded the innocence of the childhood (by thay cute litle oreo thing) nd problems of teens to confront their feelings. Keep going…. i will be waiting for your next poem

  • Anushka, this is so beautiful!

  • Anushka, lost of love and appreciation for you . Keep going girl ♥️?


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