Forbidden Sadness

 Adya Rana

“Don’t talk too loudly”, they told her
“It’s just a phase, it’ll pass soon enough”
One word, ten letters whispered through ears
With unevolved minds assuring rebuff

They showed her all the good in her life
by reminding her of the bad in the world
She was guilty of feeling sad despite,
all promises fulfilled, what an ingrate, that girl

With judgments of the lawgivers,
she deemed it easy to wear a smile
Than to wear a label which her
social fabric forbade for life

So, she drowned herself in a pretended unconcern,
of her sadness and her happiness combined
Till one day her flooded eyes discerned,
the internal calamity named repine

And so, she indulged in this forbidden displeasure
And surrendered herself to her mind
Till her sadness grew beyond measure
And her eyes numbed and her strength resigned

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