Forbidden Lover

By Panya

i first met you, 
when my grandfather’s lifeless body 
lay before me, 
and my young mind 
was filled with nothing but fear,
fear of the unknown. 
but ten years later 
it is nothing but ardour 
with which I will greet you 
when you are on my doorstep.
perhaps, you understood this 
the first time we stole a kiss 
when I lit a cigarette 
and every breath i took 
was a way to get closer 
to you. 
We’ve had the finest red wine, 
sitting on my bathroom floor 
at 4 in the morning; 
with nothing but silver blades.
your fingers have wrapped firmly around mine 
every time i have offered myself to you, 
But it’s almost as if 
you are telling me, 
we will meet sometime again.”


  • Beautiful comparison between death and lover.

  • Even death’s dark angel has a certain charm over their courier. It’s a package to wait a lifetime.


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