Pragya Bharti

Surrounded with wounded ones,
Not on skin but on soul
Healing them out ,
Tearing out their thoughts repressed ,
How much it will be soulful and relieving ,When such broken souls get solutions
And way to life from my presence,
It sounds like ego booster but not so,
Can ego could survive in higher healing vibes of soul !!!
Have biggest dream to reach that centre of divine, From where differences could easily venture,
Make vibration so strong and loving ,
Attracting to souls who needs acceptance,
Whao..what a feeling only in imagining
it, more excited to make it real
Its not only in my power without surrender to almighty,
Nothing impossible with universe grace,
One day I shall wake up with those energetic vibrations ,
Able to disrupt negative emotions,
Thanking to universe and it's blessings,
Could see the impact of what we feel and attached ,
Could easily forgive myself for past blunders,
And how am become new happy version of mine,
This dream excites my soul, seems it's only necessity of it,
When I read, dream is what remains unlived seems illogical ,
But now it become a sign to evolve the self,
Become powerful and polite at the same time
This life dedicated to this challenge to chase dream.

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