Following the shadows of loneliness

By Anupreeta Chatterjee

I betrothed loneliness

But it withheld permission.

It draws upon my life’s caricature,

I feel broken in the midst of hopes

As my denuded heart seeks for love and redressal.

Oceans of emotions are drenched

In blood-sheds.

I sit and mourn even after being surrounded by people.

Oh lord! At least acquiesce my heart to bleed

And settle with my loneliness.

I am yearning to see myself seeking attention

Of loneliness which has abnegated my feelings

To live and vow her.

Oh Loneliness! Don’t barricade my feelings for you,

Be my consort for a lifetime,

I want to behold you forever.

You are the most sublime emotion

And I can survive with you without too much conundrums.

I believe in you,

Just be with me forever.

We will reconcile with peace and then,

We can hope to see a better world.

Just be mine.

And stay with me forever.


  • Thank you Souberi :)

  • Great usage of words voiced preposseingly…

    Souberi Chakraborty
  • Thank you Alokabho!

  • The picture is really nice

    Alokabho Pal
  • Thank you so much Santa!

  • Nicely written!


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