First Love


After a frustrating morning; the sun burning.

And all that rote learning.


Asking you, "maaaa!! Is there something to eat?

If not, then I'll snuggle up in my bed sheet."


You ask me to first freshen up.

Still, I cling to you like a dog's own pup.

You try to avoid, but then wrap

your arms around me with a soft slap.


We finally begin to eat.

Watching our melodramatic serials; script concrete.

Obviously, bahu ending up with mistreat.

Hmm, who will be next on kaun banega crorepati's hot seat?

Undoubtedly announcing your food as elite.


We share our gossips of the century.

Our same old family treasury.

Dad's side family; a complimentary.

It's all imprinted in my memory.


Now when I look back,

I wish to begin my life as a yolk sac.


"Padhne baitho!", hearing you complain.

Coming home to you again.


I am Asma Khatri from Vadodara. I am an undergraduate medical student studying in GMERS Medical college, Valsad. Few of my poems have been posted on my college page @moajize_e_kalam_mcv. On the occasion of earth day I wrote a poem for a NGO World Healing Society Foundation. I wish to explore poetry more in the coming future.

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