Firm Springs, loose Strings

Prateek Joshi

This heart of mine
is one big mistake
How I came to have
we will never know.
The train talks too fast
The birds swing too low
While the wheels are borne
on the tracks too close
All this while you were staring too deep to know. 
Rather, I trick a yelp
out of nowhere
You sweep the ashes off my forehead.
It's all written on the big dipper's nose
The wings can burst into planes
and the swarm of ducks can dig azure
Screaming and squeezing breath out of air
Like daffodils caught clearing their throats
Passing their sieve for other's to rote
In no time here do the blues turn to gold
In no place like this does the breeze turns to blow
Like the glass who saw beyond the silver
Like the flame who said,"Pass the filter."
The smoke too speaks
in its secret tongue
Few know the pair that sets thing on a run
They ditch their repairs for others to read
'Maniac whispers' - too busy when they pass the streets 
All this, while my bile keeps blushing.

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