Feelings for my Valentine

Debjeet Mukherjee

I’ve waited many moons to get you by my side,

Waited with patience to take you for a ride;

Hours spent thinking of you as my pride,

As you deserve more for being my life.


Those letters of you I still have kept.

Some merry, some wet with drops as you wept.

But all is worth as together we stepped,

Into our new lives with trust, as sadness left.


Holding your hands has never felt better;

Keeping memories to tell our children later!

Wishes which we both want to keep safer,

For a time right for us to make things bigger.


Believing in our endeavors all through summer until snow,

Nobody else needs to know where we might go.

After all, the heart is just a chamber of four doors

One for you, one for me, and two for our little more!


  • Awesome!

    Mike Howard
  • Mindblowing….just loved it❤😊😊

    Anisha Das
  • Mindblowing….just loved it❤😊😊

    Anisha Das
  • Keep on writing

  • Keep on writing

  • Great poetry. Keep writing on other topics too.
    Your Proud aunty

    Dhananjay Pandey
  • Keep it up .????

    subho mondal
  • The way he captures the feelings is so sweet, deep… truly amazing!

  • Beautifully written….carry on writing such wonderful pieces..❤

    Diotima majundar
  • Great piece of art!! It’s so captivating …

    Ankit Barman
  • Well written Debjeet..
    keep on writing

    Sufal Shah
  • .very well written…loved it….

    kaushani sengupta
  • As fresh poem as the day today !! :)

    Nandini Chakraborty
  • As fresh poem as the day today !! ?

    Nandini Chakraborty
  • Wonderful!
    It feels like a fresh spring morning covered with scarlet flowers :)

    shirsa ganguly
  • Great!!! it’s really awesome….

    Mala Roy Chowdhury
  • Sounds promising in love…..triggers euphoria❤

    Shaolina Guha
  • Brilliant piece of art!!

    Ratna Somaiya
  • So enthralling!!!!!

    Mahashweta Chattopadhyay
  • It’s nice….. Keep it up my friend…

  • feelings of a sweet love…

    Bishal Ghosh Chowdhury
  • A Mesmerizing Creation!! Brilliant work of art, as always.

    Subhadip Mukherjee
  • Cool

    Ritaban Guha
  • Great! It’s truely awesome.

    Sayantan Paul
  • Indeed a great poem!!!

    Pallavi Shah

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