Radhika Lakshmi S Radhika

Of righteousness and bravery,
We all were taught from childhood.
The stories embodied the virtues and vices,
For every crime and sin, there is punishment and purgation.

The thoughts were ingrained in Us.
By elders for their easiness, at their comfort!
Dont go out alone; for the demon awaits...
There in the dark lurks evilness,
Waiting to pounce upon U!

Stories of truth, bravery, justice hailed !
Cowardice to be shunned.
Meekness never a trait ;
But a flaw in life of the lowly.
For valour outshines and defines One !!

Yet as a toddler we were made to feel Fear;
The social norm to keep toddlers at bay.
A coward act by the wise society.
And later we were labelled...
And mocked, shunned and hooted !

With years passing by,
More stories, more remarks...
To empower the foundation.
And keep us from trying,
Breaking the social construct!

From nanny's stories,
Parental taunts,
Peers' blunt, lame jokes...
Scarring one's self
Beyond the point of repair!

Fear lurks in us,
In all the niches!
As shackles binding us,
Breaking and crushing our bones...

To set free and bloom...
Takes every ounce of strength left in U !
For every dread is pinning Us down,
Ripping the body and soul...
Blood stained, strained
Mutilated, violated...
For no crime ever done!!

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