Fear Of Words

By Roohi Bhargava

I'm a lonely soul, 
A soul to tell stories, 
But fears to speak, 
Don't know what will be said, 
By the people, far or near,
But have a lot in the heart, 
Which is brimming to pour out, 
But still fears, about people, 
Will they understand or not?
What if they didn't? 
Will they understand my words,
Will they try understanding me? 
An idea striked and i picked up the pen
Hoping that my words will make a louder noise 
than my own voice, 
To show the world 
The power of words, 
The power of silence, 
Which makes the largest echo. 
I picked the pen,
To pour out the feelings of the heart,
To get away from my fear
And show my audacity
That I can speak in silence
And make the largest echo. 
Writing words out on paper, 
Got me hooked and the urge, 
To push away the fear emerged strongly. 


  • Wow Roohi, this is a brilliant poem dear. Defintely way to speak what’s in the heart… and your message came straight through n touched my heart. Love you my friend, keep rocking.

  • Awesome poetry Roohi…. truly felt the depth of your words ??? keep writing.

    Ashna Chand
  • It’s lovely so well written.. Keep writing!!

    Chhaya shukla
  • This is so amazing !! Simplest words have the deeper meaning ! Keep writing such beautiful poems!

    Trisha Agarwal
  • Gazabbbbb

  • Nice Roohi.. keep it up..!!
    Keep writing..!!

  • Nice poem Roohi. Keep it up?

  • Fabulous work…. Your words touch my heart… Keep it up…

  • Immaculous!!

  • Wonderful work!

  • So true,in such simple words you have brought out a beautiful meaningful poem. Silence does speak. keep going Roohi.

    Shweta bhargava
  • Grest work.

    Keep going…..

    Sukesh Bhargava
  • Heart touching.

  • Its really nice, n touchy….
    Keep it up

  • Wow.. nice one.. keep it up… Hope to get more poems like this… ?

  • Great work Roohi.

    Keep it up

    Gautam Bhargava

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