Falling In Love

By Tamanna Adhikary

Cold  shudders of winter soon arriving,
Broken hearts gonna start soon reviving, 
The deadened soul would be alive again, 
Never had i thought they would end up surviving! 
On the Eve Of Christmas, it was, I clearly remember, 
The church was engulfed by the crowd as ever, 
Somehow He caught my eyes while passing, 
I felt as if i have known him like forever !
There was some skinship, I certainly could feel, 
The warmth His soul gave in that weather so chilled, 
Wondered I, If ever he would pass a smile, 
The next minute his lips revealed a charm, puzzling me whether it's actual or reel! 
"Merry Christmas",He wished, and I greeted him back,
Frozen in the rush, was I, enchanted by his voice so deep, and his eyes illuminating shine so black, 
A memory flashed, his face crossing nerves of my mind, 
And my smile deepened, As I recollected him being from my own class! 
Falling in love was never my forte anymore I knew,
Still that split second would change my innerself and leave it anew,
Huskiness of his voice, and the profundity of his eyes, 
Would render me friends with the cupid, sprinkling my soul with drops of love, a few! 
That touch of his ice enveloped hands, 
Strengthened my belief in love and people all around, 
Those blushing smiles of his, captured me in his embrace, 
I actually might end up confessing, if ever I end up being found! 
With the hope of having our eyes collide again, 
Those mesmerizing smiles being encountered in my  heart's lane,
"Hope we'll meet!, " he waved goodbye, and left, 
 Yet again, Falling in love, had already made me insane!!! 


  • How I wish i cud r8 like u??

  • amazing talent

  • In love with your writings.. Awesome play of words.. Loving it <3

    Shradha Suman

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