Falling in love

By Babanjot Kaur

The cold breeze caressing her hair,
As she wrapped her arms around her frail body,
The sunken eyes were the proof of her demise,
But she still couldn't help and smile,
Smile for the memories he had given him,
Smile for the heart he had given her,
Smile for all the small fights they had gone through,
Her body shivered in cold air as the clouds wrapped a dark blanket,
But soon warmth was what she felt in her heart,
The small sparks grazing her skin as those same calloused hands touched her arms,
She smiled in delight, eyes searching for him,
A small kiss she felt on her cheek with warmth already spreading,
He smiled and she found her home in his eyes,
"My love, I'll always be with you" he said,
She cupped his cheeks, and kissed him,
"My love, don't wait for me, you'll walk ahead" she told him,
"I'll be here, waiting for you, opening my arms even if you'll refuse" he told her holding her hands,
And she smiled,
Tears falling down even,
Kissing him with all her might,
The humming of 'i love you' in the air,
While their heart celebrated their love....


  • Thanku jasmine :)

  • Inspired. :)


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