Falling in Love

By Vishakha Malhotra 

The way you hold my hand

My head just goes blank
My heart skips a beat 
And I'm not on my feet.
Am I really falling in Love?
Oh how it feels when you call me yours..
The way your lips touch mine,
It was as if, my trust on you was blind. 
Your roses and all the care,
I love it all, but I just fear,
To lose you, I won't be able to bear..
Without you, if I die,
Would it be any fair?


  • Wow

  • Thank you guys! ?

  • Good work, keep it up.❤

  • Wowww!!! ❤️❤️

  • Ohh vishim too good!! Keep it up !!

  • This makes me realise why people fall in love

    Gaurav Choudhary

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