Falling In Love

By Shelly  Gupta

My heart is beating faster as I move towards the house.
I ring the door bell, anxious, excited, nervous and what not..
I tap my legs constantly to break the silence which feels so unknown
It takes her a while to open the door.
And I wonder why, what has happened in these years that I don't know.
As I feel her presence at the other side of the door, 
I close my eyes,
As if her bright face would throw some unbearable light.
She opens the door very slow.
I could feel a breathe of her,
so deep as if she has at last seen her lost love..
I open up my eyes and constantly watch her for a few seconds to embrace her unparalleled beauty.
Her hair had turned into a mixed shades of white and grey,
She had wrinkles over her face,
and turned a bit more lean, she still looked serene.
And like always, her bright silk saree was complimenting every inch of her personality.
We both just stare at each other for a few more seconds,
After all, we had been waiting for this moment to come since many years.
She has water in her eyes which shine like a pearl,
I too, fell short of words.
No Hello, no Hi,
we just stand close by.
And known to be rough and tough,
still I have tears in my eyes.
Coming back to senses, I touch her feet.
She touches my head and blesses me for my well being.
Hand in hand, we go inside the home.
I had fallen in love again with a lady,
Who was undoubtedly my mom.


  • Yes! Great visualisation and narrated well through this poem……
    Awesome poetry.

    Akhilesh Gupta
  • Very well written. Each expression is so nicely balanced. 👍

    Mala Nirola
  • Nicely expressed…

  • Cudnt believe its you! But superb!

    Ankita Mittal
  • Fabulously written, Shelly. So proud of U !! ?

    Chandini Mylapilli
  • Beautifully expressed feelings……….loved it……Simply, loved it ?

    Shivi goel

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