Falling In Love

Anjali Kalawat

Love, What is love? 
When i first felt this feeling,
It got me thinking day and night. 
My heart fluttered, a sweet pain in my chest, 
Kept me up at night,
Unable to sleep, it felt so alive.
With every breath i took, i kept thinking of you,
The way you smile became my favorite attire, 
The way when i spent my time, 
And thought of you everytime, 
The way you popped up in my mind, in everything i did, 
The way i want to do things together,  
Even spend my life with you, 
Became an everyday thing, 
But when we were apart, 
Your presence is the thing which i longed, 
Was the moment i realized that it is true. 
Falling in love is a transcending period of my life. 
Which i am in love with and i know it is real and true. 


  • This was beautiful! Please check out my blog https://mycaffeinediaries.wordpress.com/ it will mean a lot :’)

    Riya Singh
  • Omg omg omg
    I nvr knew u Wer so talented
    Keep it up gorgeous. Keep writing and keep Posting

    Madhurima Thapa

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