Falling in Love

Bharti Bansal

I have seen him in his eyes
So dark as if he mothers the nights
And I wanting to be his moon
Loving him in phases
Consumed once in a while by his darkness..

 Until now
I never liked sunny days
Yet somehow his smile has made me believe otherwise
His smile warming  the coldness of my heart
No he doesn't make my heart race
Rather I find myself drenching in calmness...
Now a days
My eyes have been cheating me
In catching glimpses of him
Our eyes playing hide and seek with each other
And I have never felt more happiness in losing
I wonder if he knows albeit his eyes do
I guess even my words love him
Falling on paper smooth like a lake
Is it love
For he has made even my poetry fearless?

I always wondered why it was called falling in love
Until now
When I found myself feeling the winds of emotions
Like a trance
And I love to fall for him
Every day
Every minute
Every second
Every part of time until it can't be separated further
Just like us....


  • Quiet expressive

    Janvi Singh
  • So expressive, I love it! Please check out my blog https://mycaffeinediaries.wordpress.com/ it will mean a lot :’)

    Riya Singh
  • Nice poem. But i feel it can be polished further more. But i guess for someone who has had many heartbreaks and have become numb towards feeling human emotions, it us the perfect poem telling how falling in love can break that ice.


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