Falling In Love

Zena Krishnoo

Its October
And its autumn
Its that time of the year
Leaves and twigs and warmth
They're falling everyday
And so am I
Falling every moment
In this season of fall
Falling in love with you
Just as leaves grow yellow and old
I see myself with you, in our last days
Turning into gold
Keeping each other warm
Being each other's last support
As we move towards the autumn of our lives, together
Running out of old
Falling for your beauty
Your flaws, your personality
Falling for reasons infinitely unknown
We'll be sitting surrounded by yellow trees
Dying every second just like autumn leaves
I'll be looking at you, as my soul leaves
Utilizing every moment to adore you
And even when I'm dying, I cannot help
But keep falling more in love with you.


  • This is so good…
    Very well composed.

  • very beautiful poem.

  • very romantic and beautiful

  • Awspiring?

    Kaavya Jain
  • beautiful

  • beautiful ?


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