Falling for Ourselves

Yashasvi Singh

Let's celebrate and accept the beauty of existence without narrowing our eyes over women kissing women and girls with unshaved legs.

Instead of throwing shades at, 

boys holding hands with boys and Men without beard, 

girls without thigh gaps and Men who like pink. 

I hope you can  learn to love your bodies with growing hair in places like blooming flowers in spring,

with stretch marks which look like all the routes you have chosen in life in all the visible and hidden parts, 

I hope you realize you are capable of loving all the curves your body holds,  and all the color you were born with. 

Smile at the faces of boys with painted nails and girls with muscles,

at men in dresses and women with shaved heads,

appreciate their beauty without criticizing the size of your bottom and the blackheads on your face,

Appreciate the beauty of your facial hair and small feet without criticizing others choice of sexuality and size of their body. 

Everyone is living their own war, 

trying to survive.

Learn to love the people wearing turtle necks in summers or long sleeved sweaters to hide their blade carved graffiti on skin,

Learn to love each others existence with your own,

 Learn to love your double chin and pimples that have grown, 

reminding you that, you have too.

Celebrating all the seasons,

let's celebrate the existence of each other and existence of our own bodies 

without criticizing choices and appearances, 

neither our own nor theirs. 

Let's appreciate and embrace ourselves and each other.

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  • Your poem points out very aptly that sexual orientation is a gift of nature and should be accepted as it is. Mother nature has several ways of functioning and we should we should not stand in judgement of her.

    Sitharaam Jayakumar

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