Fallen Grace

Sumedha Bhattacharya

Of her first forbidden love,she ,created for the glory of Adam.
Brought blight and imprecation to womankind ,whose second immortal sin.
For first,she nominated to divide from Adam in the garden of grace.
Toiling in delight,unaware of the unwelcomed foretold evil.
Amidst the greenwood,emerged the spiteful serpent.
By her ingenuous sight,the devil bewitched.
Milton's "stupidly good" Satan ,into his true form reshaped leaving his vessal.
And there she saw,not the devil of the lore,but the fallen angel and his burnt broken wings.
Lucifer ! True to his name,radiated like the brightest star.
King of hell now,once his favorite son,gleamed in antagonising red of the pit,
His skin ,scarred and bruised ,aide memoire of the vengeance against his creator.
Encaptured by the love not for her "ordained":in him she sees her benevolent preserver not the malevolent destroyer!
Adam's betrayer ,beguiled in her passion for Satan :for now every misery is a pleasure to her.
Chose she immortality over her being. In her damnation,salvation she seeks.
Blazing inferno is her new heaven.
And so she became the Queen of the doomed,our once " credulous mother".

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