By Nishtha Kumar

I wake up with a new FEAR everyday,
A FEAR running in the back of my mind,
A FEAR captured in the veins of my heart,
Knowingly or Unknowingly,
FEAR resides wherever I go.
I FEAR to end up my day like every other day.
I FEAR of hurting people without any such endeavors.
I FEAR getting mutilated too.
I FEAR the injuries.
I FEAR the uncertainties.
I FEAR the dark.
I FEAR the light.
I FEAR hatred.
I FEAR love.
I FEAR all bad.
I FEAR all good.
I FEAR the monsters, the witches and the DEVIL.
I FEAR the humans, the animals and the GOD.
I FEAR everything I’m living with.
I FEAR everything I’m living for.
I FEAR death.
I FEAR life.
May be I also FEAR the ‘BEYOND.’
I FEAR myself.
I FEAR my shadow.
I FEAR my demeanor.
I FEAR my soul.
If I FEAR everything, then what am I alive for?
Did my creator weave me to FEAR all?
Is FEAR my destiny?
Will my days ever change?
Can I ever combat FEAR?
Take a carefree flight brimming with joy?
Fright is a perpetual foe.
We have to move our prospects afar from FEAR
Otherwise we shall always remain enclosed.
Enclosed in a box.
A box of illusion.
Away from sanity.
Away from rationality.
Away from spirituality.
Away from independence.
We all shall live in a box of infinite FEARS.



  • Thank you for your encouraging words guys.

  • You have shone light to the eternal fears of mankind and stopped the narration by picking the greatest fear of all – living a life under the clasps of fears and never overcoming it. Amazing write! I thought the below lines were real beauties initiating a chain of thoughts in my mind.

    May be I also FEAR the ‘BEYOND.’

    Is FEAR my destiny?

    Joyce Job
  • Lovely poem!


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