Everyone is swayed by the wave of terror

By Tanveen Kaur

Everyone is swayed by the wave of terror,
No antivirus is able to correct this error.
But for me it's like a blessing in disguise,
Not attending school is like my own paradise.

Had dinner together which was due from so long,
This pandemic has made the relationships strong.
The shift from doing handshake and high five,
To joining hands to say namaste has made the traditions alive.

Spending time with my parents is such a bliss,
Work from home has made possible the goodnight kiss.
Stress eating due to the mundane busy routine,
Has changed to intense workout and me becoming lean.

The unhygienic people who didn't even wash hands,
Are running behind sanitizers of the top brands.
The true worth of life which was taken for granted,
Has left the people worldwide enchanted. 

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