Everyday is a festival day

By  Aparna Mishra
Reading to Premchand, Rabindranath Tagore has been my favourite part since childhood,
Adulthood is dominated by Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and what not
Heavy name , heavy book just to show that I know how to flow.
Sipping hot "Adarak wali chai" and gossiping about the aunties near me has been my second favourite part,
On the D-Day I had to drink bitter cappuccino coffee just to show him that I know how to flow.
Weeding is all about kurtas and duppatas with jhumkas and bindi has been known to me,
Backless gown or one piece and high heels was only theme and I had to follow just to show that i know how to flow.
Heading to "Dhabas" having naan and roti with sabji and salad under moonlight was my third favourite part,
Pizza with oregano and pasta with garlic bread was only in menu in a dark corner cafe and I had to go just to show that i know how to flow.
Everyday is a festival day,
Every evening is with new cuisines,
Every night, everyone has to be on a dinner line at sharp 8 or 9
Rule is Rule!


  • Enjoyed the delicacies through your expressions.
    Indian-ness in your writing touched more.

  • I’ve see you growing and trust me today I feel proud also I admire you alot

  • I feel this so much! Great work 🤗

    Ashi bansal
  • Loved it and enjoyed reading ❤️.

    Saaraa Mohanty
  • This is brilliantly written!

    Priyanjana Das

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