Eternal Love

By Juhi Bhatnagar

What am I without you
Or you without me?
What could this be
But a soliloquy
Recited by the hearts
Of two halves of a whole
Such is the crossing
Of our souls.
A match made in heaven
Our stars aligned
So perfect is this union
Nothing else comes to mind.
Time itself forced to stop
Our passion is so strong
Just so we stay together
Anything else is wrong.
Each obstacle encountered
We push our way through
Defying Fate's plans for us
On our path we stay true.
For no hurdle can deter us,
No stones can break our will,
Without you in my life,
This void no one can fill.
The pain of separation
Will be too much to bear
This universe without you
With no one I can share.
I might not know much
But I know this is true:
There is no me
If there's no you.

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