Kanishka Pandey

The flick of his thumb , I am just about undone. 
The fullness of his size and his half lidded eyes.
The heaviness in my bosom and my grip on his hair, 
his sweet , wet kisses and I'm gasping for air.
His lips close around my too wounded rounds, 
And I throw my head back clawing at his pack.
Our frenzied movements and haphazard breaths,
Our souls pressed together with no caution or care.
The way I slow down and he picks up the pace, 
That flood of pleasure that courses through our veins.
The tightness and the pain dissolves and I'm sighing,
He kisses me into oblivion , I'm rather sure I'm flying.
He tastes me as if I'm ambrosia and he's someone divine,
like I'm the last drop of water and he's reaching me in time.
As we morph into one for the millionth time , we crash and burn in that rhythm so fine.
Climbing and falling we've done this too many times.
But just like the first time , your arms hold me and I hold you in mine. 


  • It’s beautiful, perfectly expressed

  • Perfectly rhymed

  • Subhanallah !

  • Can’t express ? It was A1
    Pandey ?

    Sravya yemineni
  • Awesome one???

    Chinmaye chinnu
  • Beautifully written

    Nivedita Shinde
  • Thank you so much .

    Kanishkaa Pandey
  • This is the best of all these 20! Hands down! You took me on a ride with this! “He tastes me as if I’m ambrosia and he’s someone divine”. Loved this!


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