Gayatri Aich

Unraveling the last thread of decency in me,

You went on and kissed me -

In places I had never been kissed before.


Every corner, every inch,

Your touch as soft as satin silk.


Ripping off my insecurities,

Undressing my soul,

You touched me more and more -


More in just the right places,

Until my restlessness was beyond limits.


With gentle moans,

My legs adrift,

Inviting your delicate lips.


You tasted me like a bee sucks honey,

Oh, it felt so good, trust me.


Your slender fingers crawled into my treasure box,

Leaving my legs impatient,

And my mind ecstatic.


And then you climbed up and kissed my red lips,

One hand between my legs, the other smothering my curves.


While you stirred me up,

I closed my eyes to the sound of rain,

And your heavy warm breaths on my neck.


I gripped the sheets and trembled again,

As you made love to me recklessly,

And made me scream.


My soul entangled with yours,

With one last soft kiss before we fell asleep.


  • It was so amazing that I have no words to praise this …….

    sneha gupta
  • Honestly speaking u r d best emerging poetess. Feeling proud being ur acquaintance.Hats off 2 u

    Nabanita Das
  • this was awesome!!!!……
    You do write spectacularly amazing..
    ’It felt like the last piece of the Christmas cake this year ?, and I am glad I had it(read it)..
    Keep it up!! Looking forward for more such treats from you .
    And once again,
    It was wonderful !!!

    Anushuwa Baidya
  • Alright! I’m literally in love with this! ??

    Poulami Mishra
  • Alright! I’m literally in love with this! ??

    Poulami Mishra
  • Thanks again, all of you. ❤️

    Gayatri Aich
  • I have never had sex…people say it is good..but you exactly made me feel how beautiful it would be! Senseous and beautiful- both perfectly blended together!! You write so well, girl…waiting to read more pieces from you!

  • What a marvelous piece u have written.. this is just fire.. ????… Just one word ‘mesmerized’ would be perfect for this one I guess.. kudos to u.. keep writing.. ??

  • Just awsm it was…….beautifully written… :’)
    Keep writting dear…
    LoTs of best wishes <3 ?

    Suparna Mandal
  • As usual your poem made me speechless :) :) :)

    Pratiksha Chakraborty
  • Oh my :’) Look how beautifully has my baby sister penned down this one! Cheers, for the flag of your success has just unfurled… A long way to go.. So many more applauds to earn, so many milestones to cross.. You go girl!
    M proud. Love.

  • Thanks a lot, Ritaban Da and Rajdeep Da. :)
    Comments from you people matters, really.

    Gayatri Aich
  • I was awe struck when I finished this…
    Keep it up..

  • Well, well, well..
    The shortest and most compact poetry I’ve come across off late.
    Keep it up.
    Looking forward for more stuffs like this

    Ritaban Misra
  • Thank you so much, Krithika.
    And thanks to you too, Dev.
    I am glad you loved it. :’)

    Gayatri Aich
  • Beautifully written !! Kudos to the poetess .. Loving it <3

  • I love this poem. So good.

    Dev Sharma

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