Endurance Is My Superpower

By Kmen Lyngdoh Mawlong


When I was a kid in school

Teachers said I ain't nothing 
Discouraging me in everything 
I thought it was true what they said 
But deep inside I know I am wroth 
I do have have talents that stay silent 
I told my inner self , "You can do "
My inner self agreed , I can shine too. 
As a child in the family 
Whatever aspirations I have
None is there to support me
Discouraging from family too
I am worth , I told myself 
I know better than they do.
I handled stress,pain and suffering 
I don't listen what others are saying
I am a grown up now not like before 
I know myself better than others.
No one understand my decision 
They don't even know my tension
Going through pain and sorrow 
Infact they help me to grow
I can win I can achieve my goal 
No matter what I'm going through
I can shine and conquer 
I am strong and become bold.
I grasped every opportunity 
Though many said I am crazy
Yet I don't give up so easily.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'My Superpower'

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