Endless Dreams

Nikita Mittal

Endless dreams, the world beholds,
But never entitles the accomplishment.
‎If ever it entitles, then in turn,
‎Smear the thorns in the alleys of success.

Though, ‎blossom the blooms of proficiency in the life's landscape,
‎Glittering the talented, as if a lustrous diamond,
‎Snatching away, in turn,
‎The zealous youth and of course,
‎And the slumberous nights.

‎Uplifts one, towards the peak always,
‎Driving him miles away in turn,
From the alleys of his kith and kins

‎Perfumes one's wreath but,
only with the fumes of,
‎pain and loneliness.

‎ Bestows upon the gifts of materialism,               
Interesting upon,
The kith and kins, in turn.

‎The ritual of this deal,
‎Is the World's rule.

‎The ritual of this deal,
‎Is the World's rule.

NOTHING in this World is offered as priceless.. then, what is a point?
To expect the diamonds of dreams, sans any cost!
A famous quote states–"NO PAINS, NO GAINS''.                          

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  • It’s awesome 👏💕💕..loved it..Truly said
    To achieve dreams,sacrifice is to be faced 🤗


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