Empowering Races

By Karmishtha Krishna

 I run marathons;

You can say, I'm pretty good at them.

No, not the ones where medals are won -

My marathons last through the night 

With dreams running wildly

Through pastures of milestones

That I have never achieved

Until I trip over the morning alarm

Hitting my head on the face of reality

With my shoes taking off without me

Making use of all the sportsmanship

That drowned inside of me

When insomnia had knocked me off;


I run marathons;

You can say, I'm pretty quick at them.

My shoes drag me through the station stairs


Running faster

And faster

Among shoes running for trains

Trains, that are oblivious to their destinations

Oblivious to their kinetics;

I’m superpowered with speed, they say

I wonder when I’ll find my finish line.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'My Superpower'

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  • This is beautiful!

    Kavya Venkateshwaran

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