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By Shifali Gulati

I made a wish
For us in heaven
Or virtual reality.
You were magical, casting spells
But that's where the rebellion began.
I was your mistake, darling.
I'll confess you today,
Boy you need to know this.
The short-circuit fire in the house
That took away your brother and paa;
I was the reason behind that 'accident'.
They asked me to leave you
Said I was a demon in your life
How dare they try to seperate us?
You belong with me, darling.
That was all for you na?
I love you right?
My parents, the broken relations.
It was because they wished better life
For you, without me.
Not you and me?
Baby, I killed my parents.
They tried to be a stone in 'us'.
How could I let them be?
That was all for you na?
I love you right?
Most importantly, the worst deed
Remember that day when
You dressed our girl for school, kissed her.
I saw a love in your eyes
That was not for you but someone else.
I can't bear you pearls sparkling
When I'm not the reason for that.
But honey, don't get me wrong
Our girl went missing, six year old
'Cause she was given drugs, thrown away
But honey, don't get me wrong.
That was all for you na?
I love you right?
Yesterday we stood in front of a mirror
Admiring how perfect we looked.
But you said you kinda miss the old me
The one who never overpossessed.
Today you'll find a corpse in the bathroom,
I'll be lying dead in the tub.
How could I not kill the older me?
The one whom you miss that's not me ?
I'm back here love,
To make love with you
In virtual reality.
This is all for you, love.
Only for you.
I love you right?

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  • Best of the poems i’ve read.. Such deep love?? .. Keep going,you’re a rockstar

    Vatsal shah

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