Eight Escapes One Night - (a poem on alcoholism as a way to escape harsh reality)

Sharanya  P Harish

Eight in a circle,
Empty bottles on the floor,
Incomplete sentences,
Interrupted giggles and laughters.

Eight different stories,
United by a million cheers,
Bringing a smile on all their faces
After spending a long week looking for a reason.

Eight different fears,
Finding a refuge under one roof,
Dancing their heart out,
Tired of getting through the day.

Eight different dance moves,
Embracing their own style
Sharing with the ones who thought;
can never catch a beat for shit.

Eight different voices,
Gathered at a place,
Where they won’t go unheard,
A night to feel like they’re enough.

Eight different sorrows
None feeling like they’re on their own,
Easing each other’s pains,
Now they’re just happy and high.

Eight different drinks in hand,
Intoxicated and vulnerable,
Treating it like an excuse;
to feel what they’ve been hiding.

Eight arms around one another,
Being unabashedly themselves with no filters,
Thinking at the back of their minds,
Why can’t every day be a Saturday?

Eight in a circle,
One night to escape the reality,
One night to feel enough and more,
One night to be safe and loved.

Eight in a circle,
One night to pick up the ones on the floor,
One night to clean up each other’s mess,
One night wishing and hoping the night never ends.

Seven in a circle,
His body wrapped in white on the floor,
Incomplete sentences,
Interrupted by cries and regrets.


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