Barsha Priyadarshini

The road diverted away to a street
Where none had ever stepped their feet
Quite narrow, sheltering the dark
But I chosed to step today looking for it's end
Where I would supply myself with something
To quench my thirst of unwanted desires and dire addictions.
On reaching, where I wasn't meant to be
I grabbed and gulped down quickly
All the contents of the bottle
In a few sips all total
With it's label unseen.
Few moments later, 
I felt I wasn't myself anymore
Dizzy and wandering as a lost traveller
In a place stifled by a foul odour
Yet my nose took time to sniff 
as my gasps kept lagging
This went on until I was declared drunk
Rejoicing my sorrows and the lost battles
I led myself down to sunk
Or maybe rejoicing my happiness and smiles
Who wiped my tears away in a while.
But I was drunk
My eyes sored red saw 
the apparitions of my fears
Hallucinating the untrue visions so clear
Turning me anxious and furious
Drunken in only two shots
Forcing me to lose my mind
As I threw all the goblets off the table 
At the same time
Among the clitters and clatters of the 
broken glasses
I forgot to notice my current state of being
Intoxicated with the wildest thoughts 
And my worst fears
My heart could ever bear.
I walked away to the same road
Which led me here once
Not staring the objects of the domain
With the slightest glance
On one of the foggy nights
Walking to nowhere 
With trembling legs and a shaking body.
The moment next I heard a sudden crash
Perhaps something hit and toppled me on the road
I was left with a corpse where smears of blood flowed
Death sat near me singing a lullaby 
to let me sleep
And then the world found me asleep forever in my chosen addictions
That night was the choice of my druken state
And the fate of mine
But no that's not the end
The moment next I was awake from the short nightmare
Only to see the waiter serving
A full glass of the drink ordered on my table
But I slid it away
I chosed to drop all my addictions
I chosed to win the lost battles again 
But with a steady mind
I chosed to live this time.


  • Excellent 👌👍 didi bahut badia re lekhicha 🥰🥰🥰

    Mounika Achary
  • Woah………….
    Didi you’re incompetent.👏👏👏

    Swagat subhrajit
  • The nightmare was seen by the person when his eyes were closed,but ’tis evident that actually it opened his eyes.

    He chose to fight the lost battles again.👏👏👏👍👍👍

    Nice work…

    Hope it gets into the minds of people that,a narcostic,may it be alcohol or something else is just a temporary bliss.

    Eternal bliss lies in the craving towards perfection ratger than to make ourselves imoerfect by getting addicted with all these ‘ସାଂସାରିକ ବସ୍ତୁ’.

    Signing off
    Chinha loka

    Swagat subhrajit
  • Excellent composition by a budding poet. All the best and keep writing.

    ଗୋବିନ୍ଦ ସାହୁ
  • Wonderful 😊

    Sanghamitra Swain

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