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Dreamy Girl

By Trupti Vichare

I don't dream to become like someone big, 
But I make sure that everything that I dream is big!
These dreams can be seen even when I am not asleep,
the dreams which I share with my pillow as the teary eyes weep!
The dream is to become someone I am not but I can become as I see,
because you can achieve anything and everything that you so deeply feel!
To overcome every obstacle, every fear, every pain that comes by my street,
because I don't want them to be bounded by zones and want my heart to set free!
Your dreams are your babies,
care for them, nurture them, make them grow,
because they are not supposed to be abandoned, judged until their potential is shown!
For every dream that you dream can become true,
because you have tremendous potential of maybe something you don't have a clue!
As I dream, I will make sure that they are achieved,
as my dreams are all mine and nobody else can perceive!
Dream Huge, Dream Today, Dream Now,
Give yourself a chance to look back at your journey and say "WOW"!


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  • Nilima Vichare… My dear Mom, your support means everything to me. Just have faith in me. I will make you proud. I love you. Ty for your blessings!!! :)

    Trupti Vichare
  • Geetha Jaykumar….. Ty very much. I’m glad you loved my poem. Keep dreaming and make them happen. Ty once again :)

    Trupti Vichare
  • Hi Arshi, I’m so sorry that I read your comment today. I will surely contact you. Thank you once again. It means a lot to me.

    Trupti Vichare
  • Wow,Fantastic, my Dear Lovely Child. Keep it up and prove to the whole World how great your thoughts can be, to be dreamt and achieved also.

    Nilima Naresh Vichare
  • I must say Wow…Dream big and more than you need. Beautiful poem!

    Geetha Jayakumar
  • Hi Trupti

    Your writing is really inspiring.
    I am looking for a writer for my product. If u r interested then reach me at 9818855240


    Arshi Agarwal
  • Lalit….That is so beautiful….Ty so much…really overwhelmed…u r beautiful the way u r…Ty for supporting me dear…I too wish that your dreams come true…miss u….Thank you very much ! :)))

    Trupti Vichare
  • Awesome ?
    As always u rock everywhere!
    I wish your all dreams come true and let you touch the sky. So much talent in one body…how come. Hehe
    My dream is to become multi-talented d way you ARE…

    Lalit Bairagi
  • Ty Tai…for your all time support :)))

    Trupti Vichare
  • Fantastic….. Dreaming is important…. And believing in yourself helps in achieving those dreams…. Heart touching poem. Nice work. Keep it up.

  • Ty so much Sona..Yes…dream again ..luv u too …:)))

    Trupti Vichare
  • So touched, this gives me a hope to dream again and will surely dream to achieve the dream I dreamed off… Love you and want every best opportunity to come your way to make your dream come true :-) :-*

    Sonal Dalvi
  • That is really overwhelming piyu…touched my heart… Ty for being a strong support…I wish to make everthing come true…Luv u too ..ty :))))

    Trupti Vichare
  • My Upcoming Writer ? Poet ?Singer so many versions of single person..
    Love your writing love u always ?
    Keep it up ?

    Priyanka Jitendra Yadav
  • Sure Aditi…mazi Adu …Ty for the support…you will surely get to hear more…:)))

    Trupti Vichare
  • Love the way you write ! ? keep up the good work so that we can hear more and more from you ?

    Aditi Palkar

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