Dreams went Astray

Surbhi Raj

"I will save the world
from decimation one day
Like a superhero
rescuing children and frails".
At 10 her dreams were jam-packed
with every inch of valorous proclivity.
Unaware of the freight approaching
Little girl relished
along the vicinity.
Bubble burst was about to hit
Onus of morrow
spinned her character counterfeit.
At 15 science substituted
her dreamy exemplars
Assassinated infancy credence
in a way linear.
Adolescence struck
as hard as it could
Butterfly wings
tailed away in a hood.
Growing up a little more
She consummated certitude
while standing at the threshold of adulthood
These competitive encounters
she falls prey everyday
Is actually a fabrication of life in dismay.
Reconciling the rat race
She started bargaining with life.

Life's tangibility superceded
20s flights-of-fancy.
Dreams jolting up and down
Hounded with oodles of
nightmares and melancholy
She abandoned dreaming.
Sleep metamorphosed into naps
Disappointments leading agony lapse
In course of maturing
Her wrestling self coincided
That her dreams surpasses
this World's hoax existence.
Here escaping means cowardice
And living needs admittance.

Hence restoring
tiny sterling dreams in eyes
Little grown up girl
unfurled herself welcoming
the pseudo world.
25 now and her only dream
backed with zillions of reveries
floating inside subconsciously

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