I am a young, passionate individual who aspires to make a difference in the lives of those who constitute the bottom of the pyramid, with the subject knowledge and wisdom that I have gained to date. This aspirational spirit has got ignited in me because of many reasons. One of those reasons is my reading of the poem - The Most Dangerous, written by Punjabi poet Avtar Singh Sandhu (September 9, 1950 - March 23, 1988), also known as Paash. The poem, written in Punjabi, is one of the most influential poems that I have read. The words, if both read and felt, can have an everlasting impression on a human mind. Paash, who belonged to Punjab, was a revolutionary poet and an activist. Paash, through his works, tried to highlight the state of suppression and corruption prevailing in the society during those times.
Through this poem, he argues that how the state and its various institutions can prove to be detrimental to the growth of an individual as they tend to deprive them of their dreams, aspirations, and emotions. He contends that the torture inflicted upon humans and their labor power by the deployment of state machinery like police is no big deal as compared to a citizen of the state getting transformed into a slave of his routine life. He feels that industrialization of the economy has turned individuals into laborers, who go to work and come back home, then the next day again goes to work while getting caught in a vicious cycle. Thus, individuals are not enjoying their life but are just living it. Political philosophers like Rousseau have also talked about how modernity has worked against an individual's quest for his growth and development. Rousseau disregarded modernity as he believed that the modern man had lost touch with his feelings.
I believe that an individual requires a conducive environment to realize his individuality. He should be able to fulfill his dreams by realizing his potential while also becoming capable of expressing his feelings and emotions. Becoming successful in life doesn't necessarily bring happiness. But by being both financially secure and emotionally content increases the chances of attaining happiness in life.

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