Dreams of dusk till dawn

Arpita Padhy

Dreams of dusk accompained well with dawn.
Standing amongst all , a naive , with a little fear and a big aim.
Who falls asleep and woke up gazing a huge gate, fairyland calling out his name.
With a glance he tried to cover the land till the end ,
ended up seeing daffodils and lillies on his way.
Shimmering strawberries and mangoes in that bright sunlight ought to took away his breathe.
So mesmerising isn't it for a kiddo to get mad over bountiful surplus of tasty pulp.
Closing his eyes under the shade of huge conifers, licking his upper lips ,while
embracing the sugar rush.
All of a sudden slipping into a giant
hole , screaming aloud, crying for help
he was all sweaty around.
Oh wait, take a look upon his utter bliss,
with a splash he is all covered with a thick
dark brown layer of choco all over.
With sheer astonishment he look high above ,
tiny filamentous silver wings fluttered, nut brown skin wearing glossy golden hair,
face is as freckles as stars in the sky,
a real fairy welcoming him to his land of dreams.
Owner of an enormous ice cream stick having
two scoops of chocolate along it, an unstoppable swank.
Soon one of his brownie choco scoop
fell down like a door smashed upon his mouth,
when all of the greenery around turns into
barren bleak.
Leaving back only dreams closing dawn,
end of an enchanting spell , an alluring phase where deserts were only gait now pinching his heart with nothingness.
Shimmer of silver droplets rolling on his cheeks , unfolds well how emptied he must have felt.

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