Dreams in my point of view

Farhana Verkot

Dreams are actually a gift to us. If we lead a life without dreams, it will not be worth living. Our dreams decide our destiny. We can have many dreams and we must dream. We must dream of the life ahead, we can also dream about the enchanted wood, mermaids, diamond castle, and so on. Dreams keep us alive. They sometimes give us signs to keep us move forward. A. P. J abdul kalam, the missile man of India has said that we should have a huge and dangerous dream. I dream most of the days. Good and sometimes bad. A person dreams means that he has the ability to learn anything. My dreams show me who I am and define my life. It helps me choose anything in my life. Our dreams are the consequences of our imaginations. I can touch the stars in my dream and I am sure I will do it in life. In today's world nobody has the time to dream. They are busy with their life. But we should spent some time to dream,to reflect, and we should make those dreams come true. That will give us a successful life


  • Very informative👍👍👍

  • Very informative👍👍👍

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